As we continue to seek God’s vision for ACS, it has become clear that His plans are greater than our plans.  Heading into late Fall 2022, we are planning to break ground on our second installment of the school building. 

The goal is not just to grow for growth’s sake, but to answer the question of how can we provide the best opportunities for our students while upholding the mission our school was built on.

As darkness spreads, our light must shine even brighter! 


Although established in 1947, Arthur Christian School still believes we cannot separate the school from the home from the church while striving to be successful. With a rich history, we have always leaned into this mission that we are strengthened when we join forces with our families at home and at the church to support kingdom principles of education. 


​​In 2016, ACS kicked off the Catch the Vision campaign to overhaul our curriculum and classroom structure while moving into a new facility.  The response from you, our community, was outstanding.  God moved through the generous hearts of our donors, allowing us to move into our current home January 2017.  Since that time, our enrollment has grown by 150% and our staff has grown by nearly 200%.  In 2021 we expanded our Elementary wing and added additional office space that better accommodates and serves our students and families. 

Yet, we know this is only the tip of the iceberg for what God has in store for the ACS family.


​​We are inviting you to partner with us for a 5 year campaign to raise $6 million to expand our school building.  This will include an Early Learning Center, an auditorium, a secondary gymnasium, a Junior High & High School wing with increased vocational educational opportunities, among other upgrades and expansions.

DONATION to this campaign not only allows our school to grow for our current student body but to offer the highest level of education, discipleship and character development.

Please consider GIVING today.